Why Daily Bible Study?

Discipline is hard. Really hard. I haven’t met very many people who profess to be diligent in doing their Bible study daily. I like most people need some sort of accountability to establish this habit. Daily Bible Study was designed to be an interactive experience for fellow Christians to feed from each other’s insights and keep to each other accountable.

The vast majority of devotional materials I have used in the past build their Bible studies on topical subjects, loosely basing the lessons on a Bible verse that so happens to contain the theme. This may be fine for most, however I feel that if we are to live effectively we need to source of our knowledge straight from the Bible, not someone else’s conventional wisdom. This means delving deeply into the original meanings of Biblical text through reliable and rigorous commentary.

Daily Bible Study’s application questions are designed to prompt readers to action. Effective questions have the power to motivate and empower us to do what we would not otherwise do. These questions need to be concise, being specific enough to remain relevant but open enough to allow for multiple angles of insight.

Each daily study is designed to be short with clean design for easy and convenient reading, and is even optimized for mobile devices. All that’s left now is for you to click “follow” to receive daily e-mail reminders, or simply to log in every day and share your thoughts!

Welcome to Daily Bible Study, may God draw closer to us as we seek to draw close to him together.

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