You will benefit most from Daily Bible Study if you commit to it daily, as doing so will produce a habit-forming routine. Additionally, you will find it easier to retain and apply what you learn if taken in bite-sized chunks rather than swallowed whole. Each study is designed to take around 5-10 mins to complete, and focuses on depth and application of the scripture. To preserve context and continuity, the studies will follow a leisurely pace one book at a time. The format is as follows:

Bible reading

A short passage of the Bible, which can be read on For a deeper understanding of the passage, try reading it in different translations (e.g. New Living Translation, NLT).


A short reference from the NLT Life Application Study Bible or David Guzik’s commentaries to bring insight to the passage.


Question(s)  to challenge you to action. Feel free to use the comments section to share  your answers and/or insights. Please keep comments polite, brief, and relevant to the topic – comments that are deemed inappropriate (offensive, vulgar, or irrelevant) will not be permitted.

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